Written by Pille Mitt

New Year, new habits?

New Year resolutions are meaningless without the habits to help you stick to them.

Don't rely on willpower when it comes to your New Year's resolutions. All you need is to create small, new habits. When the change is small, it is easier to implement and be sustainable.

Do your New Year resolutions include a healthier lifestyle? More exercise, yoga, meditation, healthy food, growth, and development?

I think it is important to start each day with the right foot, even if it means needing to push past any feelings of grogginess or tiredness to do so. New Year's promises are easily forgotten. Therefore, you should update and renew your goal every morning. Create your morning ritual. Find a substitute for the habits you want to change. This makes the transition easier.

Set an intention for every day. It can be done on your yoga mat, in the bathroom, or while drinking your morning coffee. Be aware of your choices and mindful of your actions. Our intentions create our reality.

There are certain steps you can take each morning that could help improve your physical mobility, mental clarity, and focus while eliminating any stiffness, grogginess, or tiredness that often accompanies mornings. In the mornings our bodies are stiff and sore and the older we get the worse.

A short yoga-meditation routine every morning helps you to:

  • set an intention for every single day, week, and month
  • remember your New Year's resolution and move in the right direction
  • loose up your muscles, removing stiffness
  • increase energy in the body
  • decrease stress and anxiety
  • stay calm and focused during the whole day
  • be present and balanced
  • improve mental clarity
  • be the best version of yourself

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Article written by Pille Mitt
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