5 Days Hiking and Yoga Retreat in Norway




The hotel is located in the city center and the comfortable but simple rooms include a private bathroom, shower, toiletries, and free wireless internet. You can choose between a single or a double room. The hotel name is Thon Hotel Moldefjord, address Storgata 40, Molde. If you want more privacy and time alone we strongly recommend you choose to stay at the hotel. If you prefer a more luxurious room, please let us know.


Your investment: 

Single room at the hotel Thon Hotel Moldefjord costs 9900 nok

Double room for two persons 18 600 nok

If you want to stay at the local house, please ask our offer.

Booking and refund options: 

Payment methods: 

What is included: 

What is not included: 

Additional Information: 

Duration: 5 days / 4 nights
Community for healthy lifestyle. Yoga, hiking, retreats, nutrition and wellbeing!
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