108 min Yoga, Pranayama and Yogi's breakfast


Start your day like a yogi:

  • Hatha Yoga class  (slow beginning to warm up the body, yoga flow as an active part, sitting and lying positions) 75 min
  • Pranayama (breath control, breathing exercise) 15 min
  • Meditation (the state of deep peace, that occurs when your mind is calm and silent) 8 min
  • Shavasana  (Relaxation) 10 min

Yoga is practiced with an empty stomach.

After Yoga class, a raw, vegan breakfast will be served. It consists of overnight oats with different nuts, seeds, berries, fruits and nutmilk. Fresh juice as a vitamin shot. Raw chocolate and bliss balls. Every time different shot and food.

During the breakfast, we will have a discussion about Yoga philosophy and Eight Limbs of Yoga.

When and where:

3., 10., 17.November  09.00-12.00

PranaYogaPilates Yogastudio, Fabrikkvegen 13, Molde, Norway

Price 450 nok

22.December 09.00-12.00


Keila Teraapiakeskus, Keskväljak 17, Keila, Estonia

23.December 09.00-12.00

Urban Yogini Õnnelaboratoorium, Telliskivi 60, Tallinn, Estonia

Price 45 EUR

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