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Hey, I`m Pille

I am a yoga disciple and teacher, a personal and a group fitness trainer, a nutritionist, and a lifestyle coach.

My goal is to help you to stay fit and healthy, so you can enjoy your next outdoor adventure and be the best version of yourself.

Here at my homepage, you can find guidance and information about learning yoga. Also, how you can join me on my yoga and hiking retreats, guided hikes, yoga workshops, or how to participate in my live and online classes and chocolate workshops.

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Discover retreats

These adventure holidays are very special journeys that combine nature exploration with yoga and meditation. You will visit some of the world's most scenic hiking destinations and idyllic nature.
This kind of active retreat is an excellent way to revitalize yourself and return to your daily life feeling fresh and ready to take on new challenges.
Yoga & Hiking Retreat in Spectacular Norway-7 days
May, June, August
This awesome yoga and hiking retreat between the fjords of Norway is a real adventure and mental detox, that will nourish your body, soul, and spirit.
5 Days' Hiking and Yoga Retreat in Norway
June, August
This yoga and hiking holiday in Norway will challenge you physically and mentally, but at the same time reward you with the most amazing feelings like gratitude and admiration.
Yoga Weekend & Hiking Retreat in Norway 2024
May, June, August, September
This adventurous weekend with hiking and yoga helps you to reconnect with nature and yourself.
Yoga, Hiking, and Fitness Weekend Retreat at Drømmebrygga, Norway 2024
May 30 - June 02
Are you ready to embark on a long weekend filled with tranquility and wellness at our charming retreat nestled by the seaside? Join us at Drømmebrygga for an unforgettable experience, where we combine yoga, hiking, and fitness in breathtaking surroundings.
All-Woman Hiking Retreat in Spectacular Norway-7 days
May, August
This exclusive retreat is thoughtfully designed for women seeking adventure and serenity in a supportive, all-female environment.
All-Women Hiking Weekend in Norway 2024
May, August
Immerse yourself in the untamed beauty of Norwegian fjords, cascading waterfalls, and towering mountains as you partake in invigorating hikes led by an experienced female guide.
Yoga, Pilates & Hiking Retreat in Spain 2024
09 - 14 May 2024
The Sierra de Grazalema and whitewashed villages serve as the gateways to our Yoga Retreat Center which hosts some of Spain's prettiest mountain scenery.
Yoga and Meditation Retreat in Estonia 2024
24 - 28 June 2024
This 5 days yoga retreat is a relaxing spa holiday exploring the beauty of Estonia.
Invigorating Yoga Retreat on the Sicily's Beach 2024
26 October - 2 November 2024
8-Day blissful yoga retreat with biking, hiking, and kitesurfing - immerse yourself in Sicily's beauty, finding new energy through nature, movement, and tranquility.
Yoga Retreat & Exciting Volcano Hiking in Guatemala 2024
23 November - 2 December 2024
This is more than just a yoga retreat, it is an active adventure with volcano hiking and ancient Mayan culture.
New Winter Yoga Retreat in the Italian Dolomites 2025
16 - 22 February 2025
Experience the bliss of a winter yoga retreat in the breathtaking Italian Dolomites. Ski, snowboard, and rejuvenate your soul in February 2025.
Yoga Retreat and Trekking in Magnificent Nepal 2025
08 - 17 April 2025
The Himalayas are calling! Explore the magic of Nepal, hike, breathe, and reconnect to nature and yourself with our international group!
Yoga Retreat & Trekking in Bhutan in 2025
18-24 April 2025
Meditate with Buddhist monks, trek to Tiger's Nest and Dagala Thousand Lakes, and admire the world's highest peaks in Bhutan!
Peru Yoga Retreat & Hiking Machu Picchu 2025
6 - 15 November 2025
10-Day Luxury Wellness & Yoga Retreat in Peru's Sacred Valley. A land renowned for its mysticism, ancient traditions, and heart-centered culture and traditions.
A stunning day trip in Norway, Molde in summer 2024
May, June, July, August
Are you traveling in Norway on your own or staying for just one day in Molde and want to explore some hiking trails with a local guide? Feel free to contact us and we will find a suitable hike for you.

Feedback and testimonials from our customers

  • Pille is an amazing human and she has been an inspiration to me and became a good friend. She always smiles and has an authentic character and is full of positivism. She is a fantastic yoga instructor and a group leader. I feel lucky that I discovered the beauty of Norway via her guidance. Yoga and hiking are the perfect combination for a retreat. You relax your body and soul throughout the yoga and challenge yourself physically and mentally when up in the mountain: climbing rocks, visiting breath taking caves, waking trough Norwegian spectacular forest and discovering fascinating waterfalls and lakes.
    Nikol Madjarova
    From Bulgaria
    August 21, 2020
  • Really fun day hikes and the yoga studio is a really nice size, it is also clean and has correct assistive equipment you need in Yoga
    Marina McCulloch
    From UK
    August, 2020
  • Once in a life time experience, made great new memories and accomplished so many great hikes with wonderful people. Definitely recommend pille's retreat, she's the most authentic instructor.
    Olivia Lambert
    From UK
    August, 2020
  • "Wonderful hikes and excellent yoga" 

    I adored the sceneries around Molde and Pille’s classes were very dynamic and good!! 
    Our group was a bit small, but that’s due to late season understandable.
    Bridget van zundert
    From Netherlands
    September, 2019
  • "the best retreat ever"

    Lenka Novotná
    From Czechia
    September, 2019
  • I loved every minute of this retreat, me and my mum were not as fit as the rest of the group and pillie stayed with us the whole time as slow as we were. Everything was well organized (according to the weather) pillie is an amazing person and the retreat for both me and my mother was an unforgettable experience!
    Sally davies
    From United States
    September, 2019
  • Thank you Pille for the amazing organization and all the yoga classes and hikes. You made us feel at home. You took care of all of us and was so caring, loving and responsive at all times. You’re such a strong, positive, easy going and beautiful woman. The mix of yoga and hike is a great experience that we highly recommend to all those looking for a spiritual, strength and positivity building retreat. Big thanks to Leonnie and Paula as well. We loved the experience a lot. An unforgettable one Rima and Roula Love
    There is nothing that you won’t like about this retreat. Pille is such a great organizer, hiker and yoga teacher.
    Rima george
    From Lebanon
    August, 2019
  • "Amazing retreat!"
    The combination of yoga and hiking was absolutely incredible! Pille was an amazing teacher and host! I would definitely recommend this retreat!
    Emma Kobelsky
    From Canada
    June, 2019
  • First off, I love Pille. What a wonderful person, with amazing energy. She is so accepting and accommodating, you can tell she really wants everyone to have the best experience. We were fortunate enough to have her daughter as our chef, the food was amazing, and I loved Maria too. It made the atmosphere so home-like and organic. I'm also not a yogi, but really enjoyed all of it. I have some joint issues and Pille made all pose very comfortable for me, and always gave everyone modifications. The hiking was phenomenal. It was challenging because it was steep, not far, but steep, so the down was quite hard. However, I never felt rushed and Pille is there the whole time with a smile and helping hand. I also stayed at the hotel, and had very nice accommodations, I had to walk to yoga and meals but it was very nice just to breathe in the clean air.
    Erin Case
    From Belgium
    July, 2019

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