Written by Pille Mitt

Hiking in Norway, Lauparen 1434 m.a.s.l.

Hiking in Norway is tricky in October. It rains most of the time and there is a strong vind at the top of the mountains. The higher you climb, the worse. However, the Norwegians will not give up and a small hike would be undertaken whenever possible. So do I. Yesterday was nice weather and we decided to spend the day in nature being physically active. The total length of the trip was 13-14 km, vertical gain 1050 m. We was hiking up and down 6 hrs, making only 3 small stops on the way to eat. The wind was so strong that we thought several times that we would turn around and go back. But we did not. The view from the top was uplifting but could not be enjoyed for long because of the heavy wind. Again, there is one mountain peak on my list where I definitely want to return back with warm weather.

Article written by Pille Mitt
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