Written by Pille Mitt

Litlefjellet - 30 minutes hike in Norway with a fantastic view

Mt Litlefjellet 790 m.a.s.l. - minimum effort, maximum result!

Putting one foot in front of another on a hiking trail is the best way to experience Norway. Every time I hike a new trail I fall more in love with this beautiful country.

Norway is a Scandinavian country encompassing mountains, claciers and deep costal fjords, known for hiking, fishing and skiing. From popular marked trails and tourist attractions to wild and untamed mythical landscapes the varied senery has earned Norway to well-deserved reputation as a major European hiking destination.

If you are in the Romsdalsfjord area during the summer, I recommend you to hike up to Litlefjellet Ridge, which is a light-version of Rommsdalseggen hike. This is a hike you can do with your whole family. Even younger children from 3-4 years are able to hike up to this mountain. Make sure you have plenty of time to enjoy the view, have a picnic and do some meditation on the top.

You start from the Vengedalen Valley in Isfjorden, the same valley as where the Romsdalseggen Hike starts. Continue driving further up the valley, pass Lake Vengedalsvatnet and drive towards the base of Mt Romsdalshorn. You now see the Litlefjellet Ridge on the right side, and you can also see the trail on the hillside.

The starting point and the trail are well marked, and parts of the trail are secured with chains. Mt Litlefjellet is a wide ridge between Mt Romsdalshorn and Mt Blånebba. This is a short hike with a fantastic view over the Romsdal mountains like the Troll Wall (Trollveggen), Romsdalshorn, Vengetind, and Blånebba. You also see down to the Romsdalen Valley and to Åndalsnes and the Romsdalsfjord. With a sheer one-kilometer precipice and its collection of jagged peaks, the wall is one of the most famous sights in Norway.

Reaching 780 meters above sea level, Litlefjellet (Little Mountain) sits directly across the valley from the wall. Litlefjellet also gets you up close to Romsdalshornet (1550 m), a distinctive peak popular with mountain climbers. Romsdalshorn is one of a kind, a special mountain top and not without a reason. It is one of the most famous mountain tops in the area and a classic climbing mountain in Norway. If you are interested of climbing, you can book your tour here.

Here is a 60 min yoga video from Litlefjellet.

Here you can find some information about our guided day trips.

Article written by Pille Mitt
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