Written by Pille Mitt

Surprising Vietnam, Ba Na Hills and Golden Bridge


The Golden Bridge is a 150-meter-long pedestrian bridge in the Ba Na Hills, near Da Nang. It is designed to connect the cable car station with the gardens and to provide a scenic overlook and tourist attraction. The bridge loops nearly back around to itself, and has two giant stone hands designed to appear to support the structure.  The bridge opened in June 2018. Ba Na Hills is located 1489 m high on Nui Chua mountain, is a famous hill station and resort. The station, founded in 1919 by french colonists, was intended to build it as a leisure destination for French tourists.  

There is a French village, flower garden, 100 years old wine cellar, Pagoda, 27-meter tall statue of Buddha, and Fantasy park. Interesting combination of new and old.

Short summary is: another wonderful day I will remember for sure!

Article written by Pille Mitt
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