Written by Pille Mitt

Surprising Vietnam, Nha Trang and some of my first experiments with my new tripod selfie stick

So,  here I am, walking around, and sweating a lot because of the hot weather and tension. I have decided to take some yoga photos here, but the place is crowded. Tourists from all over the world with selfie sticks, professional cameras, phones, taking pictures of the temple, each other, and yourself. I feel sick,  embarrassed and I want to give up my plan.  I sit down in the shade and remain myself of my purpose. It is to take advantage of social media to promote yoga and to advertise my yoga holidays in Norway Nobody knows me here, they will never see me again and I just have to pretend that I am alone.  Repeating my mantra, walking around, and trying to find a place with fewer people and good light is not an easy task. The sun is almost at the zenith,  the ground is burning and people are pushing around.  Whatever, I start to assemble my tripod.  I dare not to look around. Suddenly I see people  also want to take photos exactly from the same place and ask me to take a photo of them...hmmm...maybe I was looking professional...lol

Article written by Pille Mitt
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